Change – The Only Constant

Change – The Only Constant

Aradhana Kaul Kathju

February 17, 2023

Fact Checked by: Aradhana Kaul Kathju

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In an era like today’s where every aspect of life is in extremes, be it the larger-than-life portrayals of characters in films, career aspirations, life goals, or plain simple dreams, it is easy to lose focus on practicality. We are governed by thoughts that are easily influenced, be it by social media or electronic media. It isn’t too difficult for someone to swing our opinion in their favour. All they need is the right ingredients that are appealing to us enough to get our attention. This was what advertising was traditional. Now it is everything. We are effectively living in a commercial.
So, what does that mean? It means that the energy and efforts that should be applied to bettering ourselves in order to achieve growth, we are putting instead into emotions of jealousy, stress, anxiety, and depression. We are constantly comparing ourselves to the illusion of perfection depicted on every channel, and every source of information around us. This isn’t good for mental health.
Then let’s change the narrative, shall we?! When was the last time you saw someone and thought them to be superior to you in some way or the other. Or perhaps thought to yourself, “I wish I had this much confidence”, “I wish I could have this talent”, or perhaps compared yourself to someone and felt empty somewhere deep inside.