Let Them Be Free, Give Them Wings

Let Them Be Free, Give Them Wings

Aradhana Kaul Kathju

February 22, 2023

Fact Checked by: Aradhana Kaul Kathju

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Peer pressures are on the full throttle during these years of adolescence. Children (a category they no longer fit into) are struggling with issues of identity, academics, social acceptance, and preparation for future careers that they are practically being trained to begin thinking like adults (a category they don’t fit in yet). A lot of times parents tend to expect levels of maturity that aren’t possible for adolescents to achieve. Not because they can’t, but instead because their brains haven’t reached physical and emotional maturity yet. Brain development happens at an accelerated rate during this stage of their lives. They face pressures from all aspects of their life, including their bodies which are changing drastically. With so many fast-paced changes all around them long for stability and structure while not wanting to accept it. And as a result, they begin looking all over for it. Some acceptable places, some not so much.

The only place they should ideally receive it from is home. A calm and stable-minded parental team is what will give your child the stability they require. They are at their experimental high in life, be it with habits, emotions, decisions, or behaviors. If they see resistance, they take it as a challenge to push boundaries. They will toy with it to see how far they can push those boundaries. The more resistance, the more the clash. It is at this time that they need to be reassured that

Parents aren’t superhumans and can make mistakes too

Share stories of your childhood, of struggles, and especially of failure. Share how you overcame a negative in life. Share how you turned a down-point in your student life into an opportunity to grow. How you learnt a skill or technique of tackling an otherwise stressful situation? Let your child feel that DNA allows them to conquer their world too.