Components Of Meaningful Existence

Components Of Meaningful Existence

Aradhana Kaul Kathju

January 31, 2023

Fact Checked by: Aradhana Kaul Kathju

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Relationships are important for us all. They give us a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction, love and belonging, and of course a purpose in life. ‘Man is a social animal’ is perhaps the most cliched statement ever, but its relevance is never going out of style. We have a primitive need to be part of a group, to be included and supported by our own kind. Needless to say, when this fails, we tend to break down, lose hope, and feel dejected. Our need for validation from an outer source is strong and perhaps unmatched by any other known species.

However, while this validation is much sought after and somehow justified too, it is also the likely cause of our everyday problems. As the dependence on this acceptance turns into an overdependence it shakes our very own confidence and our true source of power. When we give an outer being or entity so much power over us, in a manner we surrender to perceived superiority which may not be plausible. As a result, we may accept a wavering entity at a higher position than justified. This causes self-doubt that eventually may give rise to symptoms synonymous to anxiety.