Do you often hear yourself or someone you love saying-“I’m feeling so bored!”? If your answer is-Yes! You’ve come to the right place.

“I’m so bored of being bored because being bored is boring!”

We know being bored can be undeniably tedious Research (2012) identifies that the major causes of boredom are the lack of stimulation and novelty. So, here we have listed 10 time tested 2activities that could help bring back that sparkle to your life and reduce the bitterness of your boredom. Go on right ahead and have a look at what’s in store!

5 Creative Activities

In WHO’s latest #HealthAtHome campaign, one of the key tips mentioned for maintaining mental health is engaging in creative and social activities. Here are five tips to help you express your creativity and connect with like-minded others.

  • 1. Learn to cook for one
  • 2. Find a hobby
  • 3. Engage through events
  • 4. Learn a new skill
  • 5. Redecorate your space

1. Learn to cook for one

Cooking not only helps you express your creativity but also ensures your mind is focused. An article from the Wall Street Journal in 2014 highlighted that more and more psychologists consider cooking classes to be therapeutic. It helps clients improve mental health by reducing stress and negative thinking, and boosting self-esteem.

2. Find a hobby

Remember that childhood pass-time you enjoyed? Maybe you enjoyed painting or making crafts, or photography, or some other hobby. The Head to Health Department of the Government of Australia lists numerous studies supporting the benefits of creativity and other hobbies on the mental health of individuals. These benefits range from stress reduction and protection from mental health disorders to improving one’s overall wellbeing.

3. Engage through events

Social interaction is essential and goes without saying when we call humans ‘social beings’. Research shows that social interaction can improve memory formation, recall, improve resilience, protect the brain from neurodegenerative diseases, as well as regulate anxiety and stress levels. But wait, what do you do when you can’t meet up with people anymore!? Here is the solution. Many online platforms are organizing Open Mic Nights, Stand up Comedy shows, workshops, webinars, and conferences. These online events provide you the platform to meet and interact with like-minded people and showcase your talents and achievements!

4. Learn a new skill

No, wait! Learning does not always have to be boring. The International Journal of Lifelong Education (2018) identified that engaging or continuing formal education in adulthood can be both socially and economically beneficial. Some fun platforms help you develop a new skill using a variety of interactive videos and quizzes to promote learning. So grab your chance and learn something new.

5. Redecorate your space

Do you watch home decor or DIY videos? Well, don’t just stop watching. Now that you have the time, and frankly, not many other options, try decorating your room! Mental health professionals state that the way your space is arranged and decorated can easily influence your mood. (So maybe it’s not you, it’s your room!)

5 Physical Activities

We are all aware that physical activity is necessary to stay healthy. Let’s not dwell on why it is needed; instead, let us look at how we can make it fun and enjoyable! Here we have five tips to help you kick start your physical activity routine.

  • 1. Exercise
  • 2. Spend time with nature
  • 3. Clean your space
  • 4. Dance
  • 5. Visit new places

1. Exercise

Exercise need not be always hitting the gym. It can be simply walking, skipping, jogging, or climbing stairs as long as you move your body around and get those muscles stretched. Years of research have documented the benefits of exercise, including improved sleep, stress relief, as well as better mental and physical health.

2. Spend time with nature

The Nature Scientific Reports (2019) published an article that spending at least 120 minutes a week in nature is associated with good health and wellbeing. Although the exact reason why it happens is not clear, research suggests that both seeing and hearing sounds of nature are therapeutic. So next time you want to get physically active, consider going outdoors.

3. Clean your space

Cleaning can be a sweaty, exhausting, and difficult task. Yet, scientific proof shows that people who live in cleaner and more organized areas are more physically and mentally healthy. There is even a growing body of videos that inspire you to organize and clean up your space to help you with this task.

4. Dance

An article from the ‘On The Brain Newsletter’ (2020) by the Harvard Mahoney Neuroscience Institute suggested that the benefits of dancing are similar to that of physical exercise. If you are an Indian, you will know that we have various dance forms and song genres, some of which are completely irresistible. No, you cannot say that you don’t know how to dance-those are excuses reserved for family weddings! Here you have no one to impress, so play that Bollywood song and dance already!

5. Visit new places

If you are someone who enjoys visiting new places, this lockdown must be driving you crazy. Harvard Business Review published an article in 2018, stating that vacationing somewhere new is beneficial for your mental health. To help satisfy the traveler in you, you can try visiting local places. It will give you a chance to meet people and help you be physically active. However, if you want to explore new places worldwide, you can still do it virtually!

Still, feeling bored? Reach out to us

We hope these activities will help you liven up; however if you still feel bored or feel that void in your life, you can always reach out to us at CareMe Health.

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If you have found these activities useful and help reduce your boredom, we have done our job well. If you have not, you can continue to explore your interests and keep track of our blogs to be updated on the new tips we post.


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