About millions of teenagers in India suffer from anxiety and symptoms caused by certain anxiety triggers, making it the most common disorder. It develops from various factors like genetics, brain chemistry, life events and personality traits.

So, for those of you who think anxiety is just probably a fear of speaking at a public event, it’s more than that. It is a mental disorder characterized by excessive worry or fear strong enough to take control over your daily life.

Many a times, a person does not recognize anxiety triggers and related traits and we are here to address them one by one.

1) Disappearing without notice

Anxiety always comes unannounced, be it at home, a party or even at work. In such cases, you will need some time alone to get yourself together. People who don’t understand this, may take you as rude or weird, but it is something that you really need.

2) You freak out over unanswered texts

Anxiety blows a lot of things out of proportion – whether you send a text to your mom or that special someone and if they take a while to respond, you begin to wonder if you what you sent was a little too mean or unnecessary or if you are annoying them. This is one such anxiety trigger we hear about every now and then

There will always be a constant question lingering in your head and that is – “Why are they taking forever? Was it something I said?”

3) You over check and second guess things

Another anxiety trigger is based on certain decisions we make that we’re not completely satisfies with. We’re all used to the being told to double check our work before turning it in, but what if you check too much? Too much to a point where you decide to never submit your work because you feel it is not good enough. Your anxiety will always want you to be a perfectionist. Whether it is homework or checking to see if the door is locked, you will want to recheck things multiple times. Even if things are perfect at your end, your anxiety won’t let you relax until it’s checked one more time…. or two!

4) You avoid public gatherings/ parties

This doesn’t mean you’re an introvert or antisocial. You don’t care about the big crowd or loud music and all you want to do is have fun like everyone else. But you know your anxiety won’t let you, because of which you skip the party to keep yourself together.

5) You let go of opportunities that knock on your door

As a perfectionist, you think you’re not good enough for opportunities that come your way as it triggers anxiety within you. You become afraid of failing or making a fool of yourself. Because of this, you convince yourself to not take up anything at all. Hence letting go becomes a much easier option for you than undertake all that stress to do better.

6) Certain memories give you anxiety

People with anxiety tend to remember the exact date of traumatic events. When the day finally arrives, the emotions involved surface making it difficult to get around with your day-to-day routine. Such anxiety triggers can mess with you mentally in the long run.

7) You’re always on your phone

This statement is pretty much familiar in an Indian household, and you must know, it’s true! Studies have shown that your phone could be a huge anxiety trigger and has a huge impact on your mental health. Sometimes it’s hard for you to sit and wait and it’s much easier when you’re busy with something while you’re just sitting there. As a result, you re-tap your phone and check for notifications from time to time, just so you have something to fidget with.

8) You don’t socialize and make new friends

It may seem like you don’t want to make new friends, but the truth is, you’re worried about the impression you’re making on people. Which is why, you don’t try to socialize as no impression is always better than a bad impression. It triggers anxiety within you. Hence, you end up being all by yourself even though you wish to get out and meet new people.

9) You feel apprehensive about work or school

Unfortunately, anxiety doesn’t care about how many times you’ve done your day-to-day routine. It hits when it wants to hit. Before doing your daily chores, you may feel your heart racing or have sweaty palms or feel jittery. Which is why you may feel confused during long hours at work and are always in doubt if you will be able to pull it off.

10) You’re clingy in relationships

You really care about your partner and due to that you may ask too many questions or send too many texts to know what they’re up to, which may come off as clingy even though your intentions aren’t bad. You just happen to a little overprotective, because of your anxiety. 

11) You cancel plans

Making plans is tough because at the moment of making a plan you’re confident and believe you can take on the world. But on the day, your anxiety can suddenly hit and you’re bound to cancel. Sometimes, you even are forced to cancel plans you made in the first place.

12) You rehearse your phone calls before making them

You prep yourself in advance before making a phone call because you’re afraid you will miss out on what you wanted to say. This is an excellent idea for interviews but it becomes exhausting when the pre-planed conversation is with a customer service executive or even a friend

13) You zone out or ask people to leave you alone temporarily

Sometimes you will need a break in order to calm yourself down. When you take that break, people who don’t understand anxiety tend to assume that either you are upset with them or don’t like them. It’s hard for you to maintain friendships as you value your space to reflect on things and get yourself together much more.

Do you think you have anxiety or know someone who has experienced the above mentioned traits? Do let us know in the comments or send us an email to care@careme.health

Though some people are still unaware what anxiety is or how disturbing it can be, it is important that we take necessary steps to educate ourselves and the ones around us, so we will be able to recognise it.

If you or anyone you know has experienced anxiety for a long time, please do not hesitate to seek help from a licenced professional

We at CareMe Health, are here to support and understand your issues and walk with you through this journey!

Have a look at our online therapy for anxiety at CareMe health to work on your anxiety triggers and feel better

This blog was written under the expert guidance and feedback from Ms. Suvethaa Vasu, Clinical Psychologist at CareMe Health

Edited and Coordinated by Arathi Nair


  • Suvethaa Vasu

    Hi! I am Suvethaa V, RCI licensed Clinical Psychologist with 5 years of work experience in the field of mental health. I have Master’s degree from Women’s Christian College, Chennai and have received my M.Phil in Clinical Psychology from SRMC, Chennai. I have published and presented research papers related to Trauma intervention and parenting. I worked as a Clinical Psychologist in Velammal Medical college Hospital, Madurai and as consultant in various multi-speciality hospitals. I have worked with individuals of diverse age group and various walks of life. My expertise lies in areas of stress related disorders, emotional distress, anxiety, fear & phobia, sleep problems, depression (other mood disorders), substance use, family and marital therapy. I am passionate about child & adolescent mental health and parent intervention too. As a therapist, I believe in Client-centered approach and tailor interventions to address specific therapeutic goals.

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