Some of you must be fortunate enough to have a deep connection with a friend.
You trust them inevitably and have shared most of your life’s best and worst moments with this person.

Finding a true loving friendship that makes you feel happy and secure is so rare and special. It becomes so special and important that we wish it would last forever. Having friends like this is certainly a delight, which is why it would be devastating for anyone to lose them.

Saying goodbye or breaking up with a best friend definitely shatters your heart. Even though, you have a history together, trying hard to keep the spark or save the friendship does more harm than good. Loving someone means to do what’s best for them, even when it hurts you.

Sometimes, certain connections have run its course and you may not find closure. Realize that you’ve grown out of this bond and it’s okay to go your separate ways.

With that being said, let’s go through a few signs that it’s time to let go of your best friend.

1) You have second thoughts!

You may not accept or come in terms with the fact that you’ve been second guessing your friendship. You start to think if this friendship is doing you any good. You realize, you and your friend have evolved so much these past years that you are both different people now.

You no longer have anything in common and conversations that were fun and easy going now seem to be awkward and forced. All the activities you used to do with them doesn’t interest you anymore. No matter the past and the way things used to be before, deep down you know everything’s changed.

2) We don’t talk anymore!

That’s right, your friendship has definitely turned into a Charlie Puth song. One of the major reasons friendships end is that people grow apart over time. You and your best friend have found your separate ways but you still try to hold on and pretend like nothing’s different. You still consider them your best friend even though you haven’t talked in ages.

You barely see each other anymore of neither of you make efforts to hangout or spend time. You may pretend that everything is fine and normal, especially if you’re busy or are not residing in the same city as your best friend. Sooner or later, all of this will turn out to be excuses to you.

3) Different people want different things!

Everyone has goals they want to achieve at a certain time. Sometimes when you want something you have to let go of something – like places, people, etc. It’s unfortunate and difficult to process when you and your best friend have different plans and want different things for yourselves.

Staying in the friendship would mean that someone’s got to sacrifice on their dreams, which is certainly unfair. Asking someone to change their plans or give up on something, will only make them feel resentful towards you.

4) You feel more comfortable with other friends!

You don’t acknowledge that you have drifted apart from your best friend until you develop a closer relationship with your new friends. Have you been meeting people other than your best friend who are more compatible with you? That’s already a red flag IMO and it’s time to let go.

If not, try your best to accept that the friendship is not what it used to be and drop the “bestie” tag for life. This doesn’t mean that your best friend isn’t treating you better or that you like them any less. It means you feel like yourself more with your new friends and you owe it to yourself to be honest about it.

5) Trust issues

This is unfortunately by far, a very sad and the most common reason to disregard friendships! Trust is indeed the core foundation of any healthy relationship. Without it, things can never be better or even escalate between two people. Maybe you’ve had a fight with your best friend or said some mean things to each other which can’t be taken back.

Nevertheless, there’s been too much hurt to save the friendship. Although forgiveness is an option and broken things can be fixed, it’s not good for your mental health, especially in the long run. Instead, move on with someone else and sooner or later you tend you feel good about yourself.

6) The friendship seems one-sided

If you feel like you’re the only one making efforts or holding on to and carrying all the weight, it’s high time you end things with your best friend. As much as it hurts to be neglected, especially by someone you considered the world of, trying to change their mind and prove your worth is considerably wrong. If they don’t want you in their life, cut some slack, find the exit door and walk away! You may be someone who requires closure as to why things didn’t work out but in such cases it’s highly not advisable. It’s not good for your self esteem to be with someone who doesn’t want you.

No matter how you foresee things, letting go of someone is not easy and is one of the most painful decisions you must make at some point. You may experience sadness, anxiety, grief, anger, and denial before coming to terms with things.

You will eventually realize; it was the right thing to do. Somethings are not meant to stay forever and that’s okay. People change, priorities change. Learn from your past mistakes and don’t be held by it. Life is all about moving forward.

If you ever need help or someone to talk to, please do not hesitate to seek help from a licenced professional.

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This blog was written under the expert guidance and feedback from Ms. Shreya Sharma, Clinical Psychologist at CareMe Health

Edited and Coordinated by Arathi Nair


  • Shreya Sharma

    Shreya is a licensed clinical psychologist who has earned my master's degree in clinical psychology from Amity University and received my training and M.Phil. in clinical psychology at Amity University, Lucknow. Shreya is an RCI Licensed Clinical Psychologist and specializes in customized treatment plans to suit her clients' needs and to help them unleash their potential. She enjoys working with a diverse population across life stages, including behavior problems, intellectual disability, learning disabilities in children, anxiety, depression, stress, adjustment issues, anger issues and emotional distress as well as eating and sleep-associated problems. Shreya enjoys working with a diverse population across life stages as well as behavior problems and intellectual disability in children. She also enjoys working with anxiety disorders depression disorders stress disorders adjustment disorders anger issues emotional distress eating disorders sleep disorders interpersonal problems addiction grief loss self esteem self image

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